Late! Overslept! Sorry!

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Well, I told you I was tired, didn’t I? Practically fell asleep in my chair last night, watching brainless Fail Army videos.

I don’t want to bother to cover the story of the New Jersey elementary school “teacher” who wears real tight clothes to class. We didn’t used to have stuff like this going on in school. School was bad enough back then. (Shut up, Lee! You don’t want to talk about school today!)

Look, I’ll do the best I can to keep the old blog going today. (Yes, I could use an assistant!) Let’s hand off to Violet Crepuscular and see if she can score a touchdown. (That’s really weary! Resorting to a football analogy. Fie, fie!)

One comment on “Late! Overslept! Sorry!”

  1. We certainly didn’t have teachers and schools behaving this way. Our teachers were more strict than some of the kids liked, but too bad. They watched the kids’ behavior as well.

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