Idiot Likens Biden to Christ

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Some dindle who used to coach in the National Basketball Assn. and is now a chattering numbskull on TV (Yeahbut, yeahbut! He’s on TV! ) has gotten himself into hot water by comparing SloJo Biden with Jesus Christ Our Lord (

What would you give for his chances if he’d compared Biden to Mohammed?

On two occasions, Christ took very small amounts of food and performed a miracle that multiplied the loaves and fishes into adequate food for thousands of people–with lots of scraps left over. Prophet Elisha worked a similar miracle on a much smaller scale, feeding 100 (2 Kings 4: 42-44). These, coach, were miracles. They testified to the unique God-given authority of those who performed them.

All Coachie can see is “Republicans are against giving out free food.” Forgiving college loan debt at $10,000 a pop of other people’s money is… well, the same as miraculously creating food for thousands!

No, Joe. Those loans were money borrowed from the American people. When you “forgive” the loans, you’re screwing the people whose money it really was. Your so-called “charity” costs you absolutely nothing! But it’ll cost America some hundreds of billions of dollars.

You do not have the authority to do that; and eternal shame on Congress (in addition to the shame they’ve already earned) if they let you get away with it.

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  1. Talk about skating on the edge! These people blow my mind. Just a few days ago, Biden was speechifying that Zion belonged to Muslims. How far will they be allowed to go before…

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