Woke Nightclub Bans ‘Staring’

Patrons at Club 77, two people talking while another person looks away.

Note the third person in the picture has to make a point of looking away. But where do you look when the bar is crowded? If if ever does get crowded.

How far is this crap going to go?

A nightclub in Sydney, Australia, has banned “staring… without verbal consent” (https://torontosun.com/news/world/woke-sydney-nightclub-bans-staring-without-verbal-consent). I guess that means you have to walk up to someone and say “May I look at you?”

If they catch you ogling anybody, they’ll kick you out of their stupid nightclub–and call the police! Busted for staring! Obviously the Sydney cops have nothing better to do.

The management of Club 77 says it’s doing this to create “a safe space” for every dork who actually goes there. “We have an obligation to educate new clubgoers…” For crying out loud. Who do they think they are?

The bouncers are now “safety personnel.” It’s unsafe to look at someone “without verbal  consent.”

(Repeat after me: “It’s only a bad dream, and I will soon wake up! It’s only a dream…” “Sorry, doc–it ain’t workin’.” Doctor shakes his head. “I don’t understand. Anything this ridiculous simply can’t be real…”)

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  1. But if you avoid eye contact, or make contact and then look quickly away, she’ll accuse you of marginalizing her or erasing her or “othering” her, or some other actionable offense.

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