MSNBC: Bad Driving? Caused by ‘Racism’!

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Racism strikes again!

Why do we despise and mistrust our nooze media? Consider this clanger from MSNBC.

Increased traffic deaths are caused by… you guessed it: racism! (

Couldn’t possibly be increasingly bad driving, could it?

The proof of this absurd claim, says some dindle on MSNBC, is that two more blacks die in traffic accidents, per 100,000, than whites. Eight blacks, a little more than six whites. He wails, “How can we help to fight this?” Another big job for Big Government!

Gee–is there any problem, anywhere, that is not caused by “racism”?

We know they’d like to take our cars away: Save The Planet, blah-blah. Noozies would get to keep their cars, them and politicians, union members, and the like. Nice big limos for them. Ride the bus with the chickens for you.

Walter Williams once suggested, facetiously, setting the speed limit at 5 mph. That’d do it, big-time. We are beginning to wonder if noozies took that seriously. (We miss you, Dr. Williams!) You can’t make jokes to these people: libs have no sense of humor.

But I’ll tell you one thing that’s not a joke, and isn’t funny–allowing leftids to be in charge of anything.


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