Normal Service [Laughs Hysterically, Carted Off in Straitjacket]

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I have been forced to change computers this morning, having wasted 40 minutes of my life trying to get the [censored] laptop to do anything more than thumb its nose at me. I start the day an hour behind in my work.

You may have read yesterday about Phoebe’s dashboard clock. I think it awakened a competitive spirit in my equipment. “Let’s show that clock what Nothing Works really looks like!”

So… if you were wondering what happened to me this morning… freakin’ nothing!

4 comments on “Normal Service [Laughs Hysterically, Carted Off in Straitjacket]

  1. For something I’ve lived the majority of my life without, computers have really become a necessity, with astonishing speed. There are five computers within two feet of where I sit. If you consider a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) a computer, there are nine more of those in this room alone, plus one more computer, an iMac that is about 10 years old. Leave this room, and you can add two more computers and at least three more DSPs. (Any phone that is not fully analog, has a DSP in it, which would include most phones made in the last 10-15 years. I have DSPs in various devices for processing music, adding reverb, or delay, etc.)

    The point here is that the computer didn’t even come into my life until I was in my late thirties. The first “computer” I owned controlled the fuel injection in a car, that I bought when I was in my mid thirties. New cars, these days, may have several specialized computers built in, for engine control, transmission control, heating & A/C control, sound system control, etc. etc. It’s great, until one of them quits working.

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