Electric Car? Get Out and Push!

West Virginia Coal Miners Help Tourists Push Their Dead Electric Car

Say hey! How do you run your electric car when you can’t get it recharged? Like, if you live in California and there’s no electricity available.

Well, you do the environmentally sustainable, real Green New Deal thing–you push it!

A tourist in West Virginia recently suffered an electric car conk-out… and half a dozen coal miners pushed it to the mine to get recharged (https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/west-virginia-coal-miners-help-tourists-push-dead-electric-car).

But why get it recharged at all? You’re missing a bet here, Greenies! What could be more environmentally sustainable than pushing the car? Not only that: if cars were all to be pushed, at, say, two miles per hour, think of the effect on highway safety! No more fatal accidents! I’m telling you, this is even better than having your solar panels underground. And if you had enough people to do it, you could also push buses, trucks, and even trains! Airplanes might be a problem, though. And ships.

Imagine all the cars in America, powered currently by gasoline or electricity, getting pusedh along–no pollution! No five-car pile-ups!

Or we could just, like, go nowhere anymore…

(P.S.–They couldn’t tow the car because the electric cars have plastic undersides that fall apart if you tow them.)

6 comments on “Electric Car? Get Out and Push!

  1. Another great virtue signal that blew its bulb. And yet people will go on celebrating electric cars — without considering where the electricity is coming from or where the batteries have come from or where the used up batteries will go.

    1. There is nowhere near enough electricity in America to power a wholesale conversion to electric cars. Dems don’t care. If the plebs can’t travel anymore, so much the better. (Gee, just like in “The Hunger Games”!)

  2. They shouldn’t have pushed. Electric car mandates close coal power plants (but we’re shipping our coal to chyna-endless trains out west full of coal heading to chyna). Let the driver walk, or better yet pay for a tow fueled by gas.

  3. You can’t tow an electric car? Plastic undersides that fall apart, Wow, I didn’t know that. I guess the only thing you could do was put it on a trailer to move it (or push it)

    1. I’m going to write a Newswithviews piece on this–along with the underground solar panels.
      Think of it: we are actually governed by genuine idiots.

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