Chile’s Voters Nix Far-Left ‘Constitution’

Hey! How would you like a constitution that’s 170 pages long and includes over 100 “fundamental rights,” many of which you never heard of? A constitutional right to “free time.” “Nutritionally complete and culturally relevant food.” A right “to develop their personality, identification, and life projects.” All elected bodies must consist of at least 50% women…

Blah, blah, blah! What does some of this crapola even mean?

Well, 62% of Chile’s voters rejected it. They didn’t want it. Shoo!

I am reminded of that scene in Woody Allen’s Bananas (see above). “From now on,the official language of San Marcos is Swedish!”

We can laugh, for now. But how long would it take our own Democrats and “activists” to cook up something just as crazy?

They may already be working on it.

One comment on “Chile’s Voters Nix Far-Left ‘Constitution’”

  1. We fought against the Convention of the States Action group who came to Arkansas who are calling for an Article V Convention. They say it is just to offer amendments like a Balanced Budget Amendment and a Term Limits Amendment but in actuality it can become a runaway convention like the one in 1789. With the people in the blue states can you imagine the amendments they would propose? – goodbye Second Amendment.

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