Woo-Hoo! $14,000 for an Electric Car Battery

Electric car buyer learns a HUGE lesson…

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So you buy a used electric car for $11,000, a Ford with only 16,000 miles on it, you’re 17 years old, this is your car and you really like it… and six months later, the battery dies and you need a new one.

Fourteen thousand dollars! Ouch!

A new battery from a regular car will run you $50 to $120. But for an electric car–well, maybe some kindly liberal will lend you the $14,000.

We have nincompoops in our so-called government telling us we should all get rid of our old-fashioned gasoline-powered cars and buy electric vehicles. What the heck, they can afford it! (Pete Buttigieg, “What–me worry?”) Besides which, you should all be stuck with mass transit anyway: your hardship and inconvenience mean absolutely nothing to them. It’s up to you to Save The Planet!

We are governed by people who have nothing in common with us and who do not represent us.

That is not the way this country was supposed to work.

Court to California: No, You Can’t Do That (Plus a Personal Experience)

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“Case closed, take a hike!”

A Superior Court judge in Los Angeles has struck down California’s forced “diversity” law, which required corporate boards of directors to seat up to four women before the year is out (https://www.reuters.com/legal/legalindustry/california-law-requiring-women-company-boards-struck-down-2022-05-16/).

The judge found the measure blatantly unconstitutional, violating the requirement of equal treatment under the law. Judicial Watch called it one of many “unprecedented attacks on anti-discrimination law.”

This reminds me of an incident from way back in the 1970s. Some of us received a grant from Michigan State to start a magazine. To recruit editors and writers, we held a meeting, open to all, at which anyone who applied for a position would be given one–to show what he or she could do. Point is, we were turning no one away.

After the meeting, the guy who started the project said to me, “This is very bad! We have no black people on our editorial board. I don’t think we should publish, under the circumstances.”

Doh! “But Jove,” I protested. “There were black people here tonight. Any one of them could have had a position for the asking. Is it our fault none of them asked? What do you want to do–force them?” He grumbled a lot, but didn’t have an answer.

Doubtless this California court ruling will trudge its way to the Supreme Court, and then we can have more wackos demonstrating in from of judges’ homes. The fact is that “laws” like this are always tantamount to the same discrimination they’re supposed to put a stop to.

Haven’t we now got a vice president whose one and only qualification for the job was that she’s a Black Woman and that’s what they wanted? I mean, that was the only thing they wanted?

Well, for the time being a judge has told the state of California, “No, you can’t do that.”


What Do They Do with the Time They Steal from Us?

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Every year the elites steal an hour from the American people under the guise of “Daylight Savings Time.” That’s some 300 million hours swiped out of people’s lives once a year.

What do they do with all those hours that they’ve stolen?

Here are a few theories that have been suggested:

*Hunter Biden is selling them to China (with 10% for the Big Guy).

*George Soros is adding them to his life.

*The Clinton Foundation is collecting them to use as building blocks for an alternative universe in which Hillary is president.

*They’re tacking them onto Majuh League Baseball (TM) games to make them take longer.

*They keep adding them to John Kerry’s shelf-life. Otherwise he would’ve disappeared years ago.

Those are only five of the most likely explanations for this stupid thing they do to us every year. Please feel free to report any that you’ve heard.

We Sended ‘A’ Leter To Jobydin!!!

14 hilariously honest notes written by children

We Stoodint Soviet has wroted “A” leter To Pressadint Jobydin!!! That thare leter Up Thare it is not “the” one we sented “to” “The” Wite Hause,, i doughnt know “waht” it is dooing Up Thare!!!! But it doughnt mater! Jobydin he wil Give It “to” the Toooth Fary neckst time “he” seize her!!!!

We writed to congrajerlate himb for beeing Abel to maik a new Supreem Corte Jutstus and it wil Be a Blackk Wimmyn!!!!!!!!!! But we aslo whant to Cheeer himb on to “go” sevril steppes Farthor!!!

In adicion to Beeing a Black Wimmin,, the New Jutstus she shood aslo be a Trans Wimmin whoo Is “heer” illeagly and aslo Dis-abbled and she doughnt Speke Inglish!!!!! It is Impotent to get “as” menny Cattagorys as yiu Can “into” one parson!!!!!! Becoause thares Ownly ate (8) jujjes and Evry “Mynoritty” “t”hay mussed “be” reprezenttid”!”!”

Woodint “it be” Grate iff thare was All Mynorittys up thare and aslo evvry ware Ellse?? Nothing butt Mynorittys??? Us Interllecturals we “can” maik Shure thay sickseed In “evvry-Thing” thay doo!!!!!!!

The Power of Stupidity

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(Taken from Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, WND Books, 2014, pg. 18)

When the top education official in the country says something flagrantly stupid, that tells you something about education in the country.

In 1993, Secretary of Education Richard Riley was told of a crisis in public education: the test scores just kept going down, most notably in reading. The situation was so bad, the National Center for Education Statistics pleaded for immediate, decisive action.

Secretary Riley, after absorbing what had been reported to him, remarked, “This should be a wake-up call for all Americans to consider going back to school and getting a tune-up.”


Well, let’s see… The first time around, when you were in those schools full-time for 13 years (grades K-12), they weren’t able to teach you to read. So now, when you’re an adult and have to work, you should go back to those very same schools, part-time, and give them another shot at teaching you to read–when they couldn’t do it in the first place? What made Secretary Riley think they’d get it right if they had a do-over?

Happily, the problem of sinking SAT scores was fixed by the Educational Testing Service making the tests easier and adding points for “re-centering” the average score. This was brilliant! The average SAT score is set at 500; and if, say, 75% of the kids taking the test score below 500, and manage to average only 400… well, by cracky! 400 becomes the new 500 and is recorded as 500! Problem fixed, right?

Now it’s 2019, and the same pack of schnooks is still in charge of what we laughingly call
“education.” Only now we have no idea how to compare the test scores with those of earlier generations because they keep re-centering them!

Too many parents think they’re not qualified to homeschool their own children.

But really–could you possibly be less good at it than the people who are actually doing it?

They’re Doing It to Us Again…

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There are many scientific studies, including one from the government’s own Center for Disease Control, declaring that Americans don’t get enough sleep (https://www.wsj.com/articles/americans-dont-get-enough-sleep-cdc-study-finds-1455818427). In fact, says the CDC, fully one-third of us is sleep-deficient: less than seven hours of sleep a night poses a risk to one’s health.

So what is that same government preparing to do to us this weekend?

Why, take away an hour of our sleep, of course!

Yes, it’s Daylight Savings Time again, which means we have to turn our clocks ahead an hour tonight and then, for the next week or so, be short on sleep or else be late for everything.

Is this really stupid, or what?

Bad enough we have neighbors aiming floodlights at our bedroom windows, sedentary jobs that wear us out without benefit of exercise, and a disintegrating culture to stress us out. On top of all that, they’ve got to take away an hour of our sleeping time.

Why don’t they spare us this? Is this just another one of those things that government does because it’s done it for so long, everyone’s forgotten the reason for it–if there ever was one–and nobody thinks anymore, they just freakin’ do it?

Yeah, probably.