‘Solving the Riddles of Ancient History: A Whole New Approach’ (2018)

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Remember a short-lived academic fad for “intuiting” stuff–that is, making it up as you go along–as a substitute for research and the collection of facts? I said “short-lived,” but really it’s still being done, big-time. They just don’t call it “intuiting” anymore.

Solving the Riddles of Ancient History: A Whole New Approach

There’s a whole lot of intuitin’ going on in government, these days. My stars, if they had to rely on facts to  back up public policy, they wouldn’t last a day.

But this is how certain professors said we ought to study history, not so long ago–just “intuit” it. Who needs facts? They sort of muted that down when people starting asking who needs professors.

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  1. Little is known about major parts of history. Personally, I don’t believe that civilizations were all that isolated in the pre Colombian era. The more I learn about history, the more convinced I become that we know very little about what really happened.

  2. This applies to the Left’s attack on Trump and his MAGA supporters. They call us all kinds of names but never give one ounce of evidence or facts to prove it – just say it and you must believe it.

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