Children Urged to Eat Bugs

One of the most loathsome things about public “education” is the so-called educators’ constant manipulation of defenseless children. Here they are in Australia, encouraging three little kids to eat chips made from crickets. If you can find anything more disgustingly smarmy than this interviewer’s words and tone of voice… please don’t tell me where to look for it.

Why do our self-anointed masters want us to eat bugs? They say it’s To Save The Planet. But really it’s only to humiliate us, to laugh at us when they whoop it up in Davos, and because it’s easier to control people once you’ve smashed their self-respect.

If you’re waiting to see Obama and Kerry and Biden chow down on a bunch of mealworms, you will appreciate the word “eternity.”

Meanwhile, we are told a thousand schools in the United Kingdom are already feeding bugs to their pupils. Shame on the parents. Shame on our world.

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