The Ideal Global Wokie

Digital Collage Artist Creates Weird and Wonderful Animal Hybrids

As long as we’re designing chimeras…

What would anybody look like, be like, if he or she did everything the woke global sages say you ought to do?

*He/she/it–let’s settle for “it”; I don’t like stupid wokie pronouns–will, of course, be sterile. Too bad for the abortion industry! They’ll have to evolve or die.

“It” will have no particular “gender,” but will identify as “gender fluid.” Surgical mutilation, puberty blockers, and teachers’ union brainwashing will un-sex them. Oh, they’ll still have something they call “sex,” but only because they’re told to. Otherwise they’ll be too hideously freaky-looking to attract each other.

*”It” will happily eat bugs, all kinds of bugs. They’ll be told to do it.

*”It” will have no self-respect at all, and will be completely incapable of resisting government–if it can even imagine resisting the government. It will believe every word spoken or published by the government. School and college trained it for that.

The Ideal Globalist Woke Biped (really, we must dump that word, “human”) will exist only for as long as our self-anointed rulers find a use for it. Once there’s nothing more it can do to satiate the likes of Kerry, Obama, and Biden, the likes of Bill Gates will have it quietly euthanized. With its own consent, of course–because that’s what it was “taught” in school.

They don’t really want us plebs around any longer than is necessary.

2 comments on “The Ideal Global Wokie

  1. The globalists thought they had it won when they were able to clone a sheep, then some dogs, etc. But they have never been able to clone a human and they won’t because we are made in the image of God not man.

  2. The ultimate result is easy to predict; these efforts will come to nothing. But in the meantime, they can sure cause trouble.

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