Facebook Spies for the FBI: ‘Private Conversations Red-Flagged’

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*Sigh*  I didn’t really want to cover this kind of nooze today. There’s so much of it.

They’re at it again.

The New York Post has reported that “somebody at Facebook red-flagged these supposed  [“supposed” by the unknowing victims] private conversations over the past 19 months” (https://nypost.com/2022/09/14/facebook-spied-on-private-messages-of-americans-who-questioned-2020-election/). Facebook then forwarded those private messages to the FBI.

Facebook denies it, but a confidential source reveals “someone” was helping the FBI look for “subversive” material posted by alleged “domestic terrorists”–that is, anyone who questions the 2020 election (which would be most of us!)… and as hard as they looked, they didn’t find or capture any “terrorists.” But then they were only investigating “right-wing” Facebook posters. They somehow never got around to investigating Antifa.

Hmm… We don’t hear much about Antifa anymore, do we? Did they just pack it in, or is the Democrat Party protecting them from scrutiny? Honk if you find this a really hard question to answer.

We used to lose our freedom in barely noticeable dribs and drabs. Now we’re losing it in big, juicy chunks.

Time’s running out.

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  1. I was reading about the W.E.F to day. For many years they have been running a Young Globalist Training course that last five years and all the big names in our MSM news coverage have gone through it. Mark Zuckerberg is one, and Bezos, Truedau, and many, many others we hear about all the time. So why isn’t this news? – we know why, it is a conspiracy.

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