This Book Has Got Me Cranking!

The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein: 9781585427123 | Books

I spend hours every week studying the follies and deficiencies of our public education system, the costliest ever created in recorded history. I know it’s awful.

But just one chapter into this book–The Dumbest Generation, by Mark Bauerlein–had me shaking my head and muttering to myself.

It’s far worse than I thought.

Bauerlein, a college English professor, realizes something I realized years ago. The single worst thing about public school is, it makes your age-group peers the most important people in your life. That in itself was one of the worst ideas ever. But now, says Bauerlein, social media and a plethora of electronic gizmos have made an atrocious situation horrifyingly worse.

Kids and teens now live in the moment, cut off from the past, never pondering the future, unable to look any farther than their own little social media bubbles–obsessed with what other kids are doing, saying, playing… And they know… nothing.

All those boxcar-loads of money spent on “education,” and they come out of college knowing bloody nothing. They’re fixated on their peers in the social media. They never look beyond it. No history, no civics, no literature, no nothing. Maybe they’ll read a comic book now and then. And watch TV.

The author bases these claims on the results of many authoritative studies involving hundreds of thousands of school and college students.

What’s to worry?

Well, they can all vote, can’t they? And they’re always ready to Protest For Social Justice. Because it’s expected of them. Because their peers do it.

It is literally the march of ignorance.

I’m going to review this book for Chalcedon, so I have to read the rest of it. And I think I’d better pray harder! We are talking about creating a country full of conformist know-nothings who will not be able to sustain a constitutional republic. I’m a political scientist, I know these things, trust me: you can’t have a republic of idiots.

Feminism: R.I.P.

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Don’t they know the women should be topless?

So they had an ordinance in Ocean City, MD, saying women can’t saunter around topless on the public beach. The operative word is “had,” past tense: because they don’t have it anymore (

This is how things get done in America, which used to be a republic but I don’t know what it is now. Whiny minority complains, finds a friendly Democrat judge, and gets whatever it wants, no matter how unjust or unreasonable. The Democrat judge in this case, explaining why he thought it necessary for women to expose their breasts in public, said, “We’re not in the same Neanderthal-type environment” anymore. ‘Cause it’s, like, so caveman to not flaunt your breasts in public–!

The other way things get done in America is for some Democrat governor to issue a Mandate. Then the little signs pop up all over, “By order of the governor!” Just like Occupied France, circa 1942. But that’s a topic for another post.

Prediction! How many nanoseconds will it take for some of these topless women to complain they’re being viewed as sex objects? The ordinance was upheld by a federal judge in 2020, but successfully appealed on the grounds of “sexist ideologies” thwarting self-expression. Honk if you’re buying that.

Feminism, you’ve run out of gas and there’s a hole in your tank.

‘College vs. Free Speech’ (2017)

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It’s getting smaller all the time

It’s been four years since I posted this, and our colleges and universities continue to undermine our country and wage war against our freedoms.

College vs. Free Speech

Honestly, we must be freakin’ suicidal, letting this go on and on–and paying for it, too! Paying colossal amounts of money! In addition to the harm Harvard does to souls and minds, it also sucks up more than 40 billion of our dollars every year. 

For which we get $40 billion worth of neo-Stalinist claptrap.

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The Great False Prophet of ‘Democracy’

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John Dewey

There is a reason why we have always heard, and continue to hear, so much babble about “democracy” when the country we live in is, by law, a republic.

Much of that reason is John Dewey (1859-1952), often hailed as America’s greatest philosopher, a great sage–guilty, though, according to R.J. Rushdoony, of calling Christianity “an alien faith” because “committed to a fundamental discrimination and separation to a ‘spiritual aristocracy”… and “the opposition of the human kingdom to God’s kingdom” (Thy Kingdom Come, pg. 54).

So what we have is “America’s greatest philosopher,” powerful and influential, baldly stating his opposition to Christianity–in a Christian country founded by Christians. And being applauded for it.

Rushdoony quotes Dewey: “I cannot understand how any realization of the democratic ideal as a vital moral and spiritual ideal in human affairs is possible without surrender of the conception of the basic division to which Christianity is committed.”

Did you get that? Christianity is bad, Dewey has taught generations of American academics, because it’s not “democratic.” That makes it… bad.

Now just because academics and their students today probably couldn’t tell you who Dewey was, doesn’t mean they aren’t drinking from the well he dug. They are drinking deeply; and as for the well, many lesser fat-heads have labored on it since, always digging deeper.

That we can’t think of any thinker who successfully unmasked Dewey as a charlatan does not speak well for our late-19th and early-20th century crop of thinkers.

And so our republic gets eroded, now more than ever, and our foolish “intellectuals” seduce us with “democratic ideals.” What God couldn’t do, they will! Make way for utopia! All we need is an all-powerful government, advised by themselves, to take us there.

These sins go back a long way in our history, and their effect is being felt today.

In Case You’re Wondering…

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t written about the fun and games on Capitol Hill today, and the Senate elections in Georgia–well, you don’t really need me for that, do you? The nooze is all over the place today.

Our country is the victim of an unprecedented crime, the theft of a national election by means of massive fraud–and we don’t know what to do about it. We’ve never before faced a crisis quite like this. All we know now is that the villains can never be voted out again: they’ve learned how to rig elections. Consequently, every election from now on will have a cloud of suspicion over it.

Democrats don’t care. They’ve got voting machines that reliably give them manufactured consent. They no longer need any public support for their agenda. Checks and balances? Kiss ’em goodbye. There will be no more checks and balances. Dominion Systems has given them… dominion. Consent of the governed has become unnecessary, replaced by manufactured consent. By fraud.

We don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to take our country back. Elections don’t matter anymore.

O Lord our God! For whom all things are possible, for whom nothing is too hard. Even at this late hour, Lord, we plead with you to save us. Hear our prayers and fight for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

They Won’t Let You Drive Your Car

Bills approved in chaotic committee meeting | News, Sports, Jobs ...

Auto accidents are by far the leading cause of accidental death in the United States; and some of our leaders mean to put a stop to it.

At a special conference of the National Assn. of Democratic Mayors and Governors (NADMAG) yesterday, a steering committee (what else?) unanimously recommended that from now on, only “essential persons” be allowed to drive cars.

“If it saves one life, it’ll be worth it!” said Mayor Saruman Smith, of Poobah Falls, Vermont. “Actually, it’ll save a lot of lives. And it’ll be a big boost for public transportation, once the deplorables aren’t allowed to drive anymore.”

“Essential persons” who will keep their driving privileges include members of the association and their families, government employees, LGBT persons, and undocumented migrants.

Ahab Saul, governor of Gomorrah (“the 57th state!”), has high hopes for NADMAG’s recommendation to be passed into law.

“I had a wonderful terrific phone conversation last night with Speaker Pelosi, and she’s all for it!” he said. “She practically guarantees passage in the House. And our next president, our beloved Joe Biden, has promised to do everything in his power to get the legislation passed by 2012 at the latest. We’re practically there already!”

Slipping and falling at home is another prominent cause of accidental death, Gov. Saul said, which NADMAG might address. “A lot of good can be accomplished by forbidding people to go up or down stairs,” he said. “We’re certainly going to look into this.”