Manufacturing the Boogieman

Christmas TV History: Merry Halloween! the Boogeyman

Every democratic/Democrat regime needs a boogieman: someone to fear, someone you need to be protected from. By them.

Now we have current and retired agents coming out of the woodwork to accused SloJo and his friends of pressuring an already corrupted FBI to “fabricate” a dire threat to America posed by “white supremacists” (

As one whistleblower put it, there are more agents investigating “white supremacists” than there are white supremacists.

Can the FBI be saved? Can the Far Left kooks and crooks be cleaned out of it?

It may be that that is very much up to the FBI’s rank and file personnel. If it can’t be saved, it must be scrapped.

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  1. Ho hum, as though we haven’t known this all along, and as though these supposed whistle blowers will get any press other than the conservative press preaching to the choir. Pardon my cynicism. Not feeling my usual chipper self this afternoon. I’m exhausted and have to go take another nap.

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