A Show of Mindless Compliance (Per ‘Candid Camera’)

Would you obey if a store with a linoleum floor posted a sign, “Please walk on black squares only”? Betcha everybody you ask says “No!”

But as Candid Camera proved, way back in the 1960s, we are nowhere near as independent-minded as we say we are.

8 comments on “A Show of Mindless Compliance (Per ‘Candid Camera’)

  1. There’s a huge difference between respect for legitimate authority, and respect for arbitrary authority. The tricky part, is in knowing where the line between the two exists.

    I could make a rule, that in my home, you can’t do certain things. That is my right.But, if that rule is pointless, individuals have the right not to visit, and put themselves under my authority. Fair enough. People forget that they have choices, and if someone is making a pointless demand, you have choices which will allow you to avoid these demands. We are not the absolute masters of our fate, but we have more influence in our lives than anyone else.

    1. A king of Sparta once made an inane and arbitrary law governing hairstyles. When asked why he wasted his authority on such a trivial thing, he explained, “I am teaching the people a habit of obedience.”

      Some things never change.

  2. I always enjoyed that show. One time they put mashed potatoes on ice cream cones and gave it to two and three-year-olds. The strange faces they made.

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