Coming Unstuck

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Well, I’ve finished another chapter of Ozias, Prince in Peril. It looks like the boy king and his mother will have to come out of Lintum Forest and fight for his throne. The usurper Maressa, her hunters having failed to find and kill the king, has resorted to even more underhanded methods to draw them out.

Now I have to move on to a Newswithviews column. We are governed by persons who really have it in for us, and I suppose it doesn’t matter how that happened–we have to get rid of them. Before they get rid of us.

See you again around suppertime, with another critter video.

3 comments on “Coming Unstuck

  1. Maybe someday I will end up reading that book when you are done. Good news, I have finally been able to order the first two books in your “Bell Mountain” series. I hope they arrive soon.

    1. Mike, I’m sorry I haven’t finished your book yet. I’m a bit behind in my book reviews–trying to get my own book written before the weather turns cold.

    2. That’s OK brother, work on it when you can. I really appreciate the fact that you are working on it in the first place. Thank you so very much.

      Your weather is getting cold, well, come here it’s warm year round.

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