Trudeau Overcome by Grief!

Some say we shouldn’t mock these dindles because it makes us seem mean-spirited. Well! They insist they have a right to rule us because they’re so much “smarter” than we are, so much more urbane and sauve and in the know, so much cooler…

Like, for instance, Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau. Here he is in London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral… stewed to the gills. In a T-shirt. Singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Let’s see who sings it better–Trudeau or a rubber chicken squeaky toy.

Call me a peasant, but I would like the members of the global ruling class to have at least as much dignity as a rubber chicken squeaky toy. Trudeau gets liquored up for the queen’s funeral. Is he any better than a rubber chicken? Any fitter than a squeaky toy to rule over anybody?

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