‘Is the Bible Just Stories?’ (2015)

Currier & Ives | Noah's Ark | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Noah’s Ark,” by Currier and Ives

I run this post from time to time because there’s always someone out there, very often someone who calls himself a Christian, who insists that the events described in the Bible never happened–that they’re “just Bible stories” intended to convey a “moral lesson.”

Is the Bible Just Stories?

This is the price of admission into the temple of this world, where Science is the idol and whatever’s happening now is the liturgy.

Honk if it’s a place you want to be.

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  1. If we pick and choose which portions of the Bible to believe, we are now imposing our opinions above what God saw fit to inspire. I use a fairly literal approach, but I also know that there are symbolic literary devices used, such as the cattle of a thousand hills.

    A few years back, I pursued finding out what scientists whom were Bible-believing Christians had to say on the subject. As it turns out, there is a fairly deep study of the matter, culminating in a theory known as Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. The theory explains a lot of what we see on the earth today.

    Because you mentioned kangaroos, I will include that the Flood is thought to have triggered an Ice Age, which would have lowered sea levels dramatically. It’s quite possible that during that time, it would have been fairly easy to get from Asian to Australia, and this would also have facilitated communication between the eastern and western hemispheres.

  2. In the past and for many years I had been a children’s Sunday School teacher. I also have been a reader of Creation Science also for many years. After a few years of teaching Sunday School “stories” from the Bible I began to move away from that and to refer to lesson references as Bible passages. I’ve encouraged my students that God’s Word is above all of our ideas about the Creation, the Flood, and many other “hard-to-believe” passages. If God said it, that settles it.

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