Study Finds ‘Zero Evidence of Climate Emergency’

The main lesson here is not “science,” but common sense.

In the absence of evidence, we should stop squandering our money on stupid “climate change” gimmicks and policies. Otherwise the money won’t be there when we need it!

Bird-killing “wind farms,” acres of solar panels filled with all sorts of toxic stuff we don’t know how to dispose of, inane restrictions on economic activity–we are wasting labor, thought, and money!

The international study cited by Sky News deplores the “naive belief in immature climate models” when the data shows… nothing! No emergency. No major changes. Nothing but the normal variations.

But that’s not how you rake in tax moneys and endow the government with undreamed-of power over people’s lives, is it?

And that’s what “Climate Change” is all about.

5 comments on “Study Finds ‘Zero Evidence of Climate Emergency’

  1. None of it has to make sense or be real. It’s all about power. As the leftists have said, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is the Revolution.” (Yes, I know I’ve quoted that before. I sense that I’ll be quoting it even more as we go along.)

  2. I do hope that the results of this study get noised about but I doubt that will happen. The power grab is real and with this administration the grabbing is encouraged big time. Electric vehicles would be nice BUT these vehicles are way beyond what the average Joe and Jane can afford. And the batteries still depend on oil. Solar and wind energy are, in my opinion, still in their infancy. All of this renewable energy would be a good thing but we are not there yet with the technology but the grab for power is here and becoming more forceful and that’s what’s scary.

  3. What about all the millions Gore made with his Inconvenient Truths? Every one of his predictions have proven to be false. No wonder they changed the name from global warming to climate change (what does climate change even mean?).

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