Democrats Strike Again! Votes for Non-Citizens

How do Democrats get away with stunts like this? Do we just not care?

All the Dems–repeat, all of them–on the House Judiciary Committee have voted unanimously to give voting rights to non-citizens (

The Constitution is vague on who can or can’t vote, our founders having left the matter for the states to decide. Several states’ constitutions reserve the vote to citizens only. Earlier this year, for instance, the New York Supreme Court struck down the New York City Council’s attempt to extend the vote to non-citizens.

Crikey! Do you even need to live in this country anymore, to vote in our national elections? Is that why we don’t have an enforced border anymore?

Whether this folly will actually make it to the floor of the House for a vote, who knows? And then it’ll have to pass the Senate. Will they try to slide it into law just before the midterm elections? What’s going to be left of our country by 2024?

If the Dems have their way–nothing. Just a name on a map.

5 comments on “Democrats Strike Again! Votes for Non-Citizens

  1. I don’t see why votes should be limited to humans. If non-citizens can vote, why not non-humans? I demand enfranchisement for Iggy!

    On second thought, maybe not such a good idea. The Democrats might bring suitcases full of cockroaches to the polls, as the Wobblies before them did to hotels that they were picketing.

  2. It seems all this insanity has gotten so much worse since I left 14 years ago to live in the Philippines. Would I even recognize my country if I came back to visit? I had planned to send my son back to visit his brothers and sister and aunt and uncle still alive. But he had to have the covid clot shot and booster to fly there. It will be over my dead body before I will let anyone inject my son with an experimental gene altering shot. They stopped testing this on animals, for the animals always died

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