Good News! Unvaxed Cops Get Their Jobs Back

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Since when does government get to be Godzilla?

A judge jabs “the jab!”

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has ruled that police officers who were fired for not getting vaccinated for COVID have to be reinstated ( The vaccine “mandate,” said the judge, was invalid because it imposed “a new condition of employment” on city police officers. It was an “improper infringement on our members’ right to make a personal medical decision in consultation with their own health care professionals” said a spokesman for the union.

So the unvaccinated cops have to be reinstated, ruled the judge. Gee–maybe that ought to go for every employee, public or private, who was fired for refusing to take “the jab.”

We either have limits on the powers of government, or we don’t. Ordering people to submit to a controversial medical procedure went well beyond the limit. It ought to apply to members of our armed forces, too. Or do we now have a country in which only some of us are free?

There has to be an end to government doing any blamed thing it pleases.That was always the very basis of our republic. Pray the Lord it still is.

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