Mad Dentist Bites Alligator!

Favorite Films: Carnival of Souls | tarnmoor

Please pardon the lurid headline. I couldn’t resist it.

Thursday was bad and Friday was worse–one damn thing after another, all day long. By suppertime Patty and I were blitzed.

We need to relax this weekend; and a thing we both find relaxing is old-fashioned black-and-white horror movies. Patty nominated Carnival of Souls. And y’know what? That movie’s just the ticket. The set alone–a deserted boardwalk/carnival out in the middle of nowhere–is worth your time. I wonder what it would really be like to walk there, all alone.  Ooooh! Scary, boys and girls!

Again I’ve reached the point where the nooze starts to look like it’s all the same story, and not one that you’d want to hear. Work hard, pray harder, sing louder. It’ll take God’s grace to get us out of this. I won’t ease up on the prayers until I see a lot of prominent Democrats taking off for countries with which we don’t have extradition treaties.

Hello out there! What are some of your favorite fright flicks? Maybe we’ll watch one of them.



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