They’re All Insane

Eastern Painted Turtle Basking In The Sun On A Log In Maryland During The  Summer Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 14718718.

Pardon the picture of a painted turtle basking on a log. If you want pictures that are grotesque and bizarre, you’ll find them in the link to the New York Post article. I will not display them.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is going for “non-gendered uniforms” for all staff, complete with pronoun badges ( The badges are supposedly optional, if you can believe that. I don’t. Passengers can also request them.

God help us–this is what we’re going to hand down to our posterity? Always assuming that we have posterity. This shame, this disgrace, this flaming idiocy? When do we get to wake from this nightmare?

I can’t even imagine an explanation for this mania. And I’m a fantasy writer.

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  1. The culture had been going downhill for a long time, but it seems from about 15 years ago or so, had been like a rock rolling down a gentle slope until it got to the edge of a cliff, and now has fallen off and is in free fall.

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