‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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“What??? Ya mean I wasn’t one of Marie Antoinette’s ladies’ maids?”

I’ll type as fast as I can, trying to get this posted before I slip out of the Internet again.

What could be more ridiculous than trying to pass off “past lives regression” as some kind of “science” with “board-certified” practitioners?

Has She Got the Wrong Number!

Maybe that should be “bored-certified.”

‘Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education’ (2017)

We know the feeling, don’t we?

Six years ago (!) the Coalition of African-American Pastors warned that the anti-Christian, anti-family aspects of public education, and its nose-dive into Transgender, were going to get more blatant, more extreme… and what the devil are we doing, allowing this to happen?

Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education

Let’s face it–this whole humanist enterprise is nothing but Jurassic Park, and the dinosaurs are all on the loose, eating people. It was supposed to give us utopia. But it gave us Dylan Mulvaney instead.

Now we have to find out if it’s too late to get out from under this.

What? No Drag Queen Shows on Military Bases?

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“Drag shows? I dunno! Look at all my pretty ribbons!”

The military genius who showed us his stuff in Afghanistan was up on Capitol Hill the other day, telling the House Armed Services Committee he didn’t know nothin’ about no drag queen shows on U.S. military bases (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gop-rep-stumps-top-military-leaders-question-base-drag-shows-first-im-hearing-that). “First time I’ve heard of it!” said Gen. Mark “Run away!” Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Running Away.

Confronted with news headlines reporting drag queen events on several military bases, the Konqueror of Kabul parried, “Oh! Ya mean those? Oh, but those were privately funded! We didn’t use tax money!”

So it’s just fine to hold intensely perverted shame shows on our military bases, as long as it’s not with tax money. Anyhow, Gen. Milley said he’d put a stop to it even though it isn’t happening. No wonder he got promoted to the top spot.

They’re All Insane

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Pardon the picture of a painted turtle basking on a log. If you want pictures that are grotesque and bizarre, you’ll find them in the link to the New York Post article. I will not display them.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is going for “non-gendered uniforms” for all staff, complete with pronoun badges (https://nypost.com/2022/09/28/virgin-atlantic-scraps-gendered-uniforms-will-hand-out-pronoun-badges/?fbclid=IwAR0Z8Kclu-CdBbPJybXFw0TafNEAHVEYXnN2kMj9y_bsb_OxprJtTwmu7eA). The badges are supposedly optional, if you can believe that. I don’t. Passengers can also request them.

God help us–this is what we’re going to hand down to our posterity? Always assuming that we have posterity. This shame, this disgrace, this flaming idiocy? When do we get to wake from this nightmare?

I can’t even imagine an explanation for this mania. And I’m a fantasy writer.