Get Ridd of *Work* and Aslo No Moar Graids!!!!!

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See?? Thay reely “are” maiking us Crazy by maiking us studdy!

We helded a spacial meting of Our Stoodint Soviet tooday! Finely the Collidge amminderstacion “thay” “are” Lissining “to” us!!

Did yiu Know “that” whorking harrd “And” tryin to get good Graids, “it is” a Thrett to mential Hellth?? its troo!!!!!!~! Thay are Under-Myning our mential Hellth!!! How “the” heck are yiu sposed to Be-Cumb a Interllectural iff yore jist going Crazy al the tyme???

Obfiusly “the” sallution it is to Sweeep away ackidemmick Standerds and–wel i doughnt lyke to Say “this here” wurd becose It Is Racist!!! so i woont!! I meen Com On Man!,!, hooze idear Was “it” that we has got to Lurn stuph and studdy And “get” “good” graids??? Waht kind “of” fooolishniss Is that??? Wye it gose Aginst evvry Thing that Collidge stands four!!!!!!!!! Obfiusly we shood jist “go thare” and Stay foar A wile and then thay Give us a Deegree!!!! Waht cood maik moar cents Than that??

We hoap Thay whil Seee the lite and get ridd Of “all” that stuph!!!!! and The Neckst thing to Go it has got To “be” Tuission!!!! Wye shood we has to Pay “to be” heer?????

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    1. You’re entirely right, Lee. I’ve noticed that vendors aren’t as responsive as they once were and it seems like a lot of people just don’t care.

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