Another Experiment in Fascism

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Mussolini, thou art mighty yet!

Reminder: “Fascism” is the term for when authoritarian government allies with a few favored Big Business cronies to dominate and enslave the people.

Just the News has reported that government agencies, led by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept., collaborated with “private” agencies (including the Democrat National Committee [of course], Common Cause, and the NAACP) to censor into silence at least 20 million conservative posts on social media (

Let’s state it as simply as possible:

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids government from abridging free speech.

The government, especially Democrats in government, want very badly to abridge free speech.

To avoid breaking the law themselves, they find or create allies in the private sector who will do their dirty work for them. In this way they silence dissent while keeping themselves clear of actual lawbreaking–although why they should ever be afraid of legal consequences is a mystery to me. (P.S.: The Biden administration has paid out millions of dollars in public moneys to private entities censoring America.)

And so The Regime has found a way to nullify the First Amendment, and have gotten away with it so far, and expects to get away with it again, going into November’s midterm elections. There have been no consequences to our political class; they have acted against the American people with complete impunity.

“Outsourcing censorship”–brilliant! Mussolini would be proud.

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  1. The personal computer has changed life, for just about everyone. Like so many good things, there are negative aspects. Computers, and social media can be put to beneficial use, and there are heartwarming stories of long lost friends finding one another, after years of separation, because of social media. Unfortunately, these same tools can be used to censor, or at the very least influence the dissemination of information.

    I can only hope and pray that the rule of law carries the day.

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