Mr. Nature: The Red Salamander

One of my favorite activities, as a boy, was to go out into the woods next door and turn over rocks and logs, looking for salamanders. There were a lot of them around, but it was always a big event when I found a red salamander–Pseudotriton ruber ruber, to the salamander cognoscenti.

The young ones are a brilliant orange-red with black spots; as they age, they grow darker. They aren’t very common, so it’s always worth a “Yahoo!” when you find one. They eat bugs, like the globalists say we should. But I could never get any of mine to eat, so I always had to let them go.

These are gorgeous little animals, they don’t bite, they were twice as big as any other kind of salamander I could find, and it’s a pleasure just to see one. I’ve never found one anywhere in this neighborhood. But there was a little swamp behind the Studnickis’ house (great for ice-skating in the winter) and they seemed to like the damp environment.

My parents never understood why I wanted to bring these home,. but they didn’tc complain about it.

3 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Red Salamander

  1. That is very neat. Kind of a cute little critter and that coloring is great. When I look at the fine details of such an animal, I have to marvel at the imagination of a Creator, whom can produce an entire Universe, yet took the time to create the delicate details of such a tiny creature.

  2. Beautiful little creatures! as a kid, I to played with lizards about the same size near the desert in California.

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