How Far to the Home Stretch?

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Holy moly, what’s that! That yellow thing up in the sky?

It’s been almost a week since we had any sunshine here, and it’s already starting to turn cold. At a certain point, it’s too cold for the ink to flow out of the pen and my novel-writing has to stop.

I reckon I’ve got five weeks, tops, to finish Ozias, Prince in Peril. It has to be outdoors. Indoors, we get nuisance phone calls every 20 minutes, plus other distractions. It takes a great deal of concentration, believe me, to write a fantasy novel. If someone else is there (I name no names) watching YouTube videos of gaudy murder cases, it’s not always beneficial.

Will the evil regent who wants to be queen do away with the real queen and force the boy king to marry her when he comes of age? Are there other things in Lintum Forest to worry about, besides kidnappers and bounty hunters? Questions, questions…

I’d better get outside now and see about that yellow thing up there. I may have to report it.

4 comments on “How Far to the Home Stretch?

  1. Here in Arkansas we have nothing but sunshine for almost a month – we are having a draught with no rain in sight. Fortunately the weather is now in the upper 80’s instead of the upper 90’s. How is the weather in Lintum Forest?

  2. You can probably see the end of your home stretch. A few weeks ago, I was very glad you were all praying for me. That issue is not done yet, and I don’t know how long or when my home stretch will arrive. Early yesterday morning I needed emergency surgery. There are still at least two more very necessary surgeries that must be done within the next week. And after those two, I am not sure. These surgeries are not invasive like having a heart transplant, nevertheless, if the surgery done yesterday had not been done, I would not be writing today. So, I am once again asking for your prayers…I will take all you can send.

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