Bees and Boneset

Honey Bee Feeding On Boneset Flowers DSCF8244 | Ted Roger ...

I couldn’t help noticing how busy the bees are today with all those little white blossoms on our host of boneset plants. Bumblebees, honeybees, and our tiny native bees–they’re all over those flowers today.

I also noticed the bees were very much at peace with one another. The same plant might have all three kinds of bees working on it at once. True, there’s plenty for all: our boneset plants could provide nectar and pollen for whole swarms of bees. The bees don’t have to compete for limited resources.

But since when has that ever stopped different groups of humans from getting up each other’s noses?

God has given the bees what they need; they find no excuses to attack each other.

Maybe they’re just nicer than we are.

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