‘The Womxn’s March’ Is Back!

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See? I don’t have to make things up.

Just thought I’d mxntion it–after two years, The Womxn’s March is coming back to Denver. How did they ever mxnage without it? (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4099548/posts)

This year The Womxn’s March will focus on “equality and reproductive rights.” Mxny people understand that’s just a romxntic euphemism for abortion. “Reproductive freedom,” blah-blah, “is the center point of freedom for us all.” Especially when the governmxnt lets you down, all those mxniacs on the Supreme Court.

And of course the march will feature mxny more Far Left mxntras–“Black Lives Matter!” “Mxntal health for all!” “Fundamxntal environmxntal humxn rights for all!”


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