Stuck Again, Dagnabbit!

Utah hiker stuck chest-deep in hidden quicksand | Advnture

Having done this for several thousand days in a row, I think I’m starting to get nooze fatigue. Gradually the plethora of absurd, creepy, outrageous, mush-headed stories merge into one. And it’s a story I’ve already covered dozens of times. Where the devil is the exit?

I mean, what’s there to write about that I haven’t already written? Transgender mania. Governed by people who hate us. Race-hustling in the public schools. Killing the culture. I keep telling myself, “People need to know our country is being taken over by villains, thieves, lunatics, and scam artists. We need to know what we’re up against, so we can put a stop to it.” That’s why I’m trying to do this work today. Paul Revere on Geritol.

And how am I going to finish my book, Ozias, Prince in Peril? It’s getting colder every day. We had frost last night.

I’ll just keep trying.

5 comments on “Stuck Again, Dagnabbit!

  1. I can’t say I have heard that before, however…ha, ha, ha, ha…. Yeah, it seems the last two years, all those kinds of things have been on my mind. But seriously, even when hard trials come to pass in our lives, there is always something good taking place somewhere. Job did not have a lifetime of hard trials, and neither do most of us.

  2. We are living in a troublesome time. There are many sad, bad, and frustrating things being reported. It offends our sense of justice, and much of it seems illogical. Many feel that the return of Christ in imminent, which I won’t dismiss, but we can’t be certain until it actually happens.

    In the meantime, I, and everyone else, still have to function day-to-day, and for me, that means that I can only handle so much, and then I have to focus my attention on things within my influence. What we can’t control, is in God’s hands, and ultimately, we will make it right.

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