‘Dictatorship 101’ (2014)

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The Soviet Union lives–in Washington, D.C.

This is something we really ought never to forget.

In 2014, the Democrats infesting the White House hatched a plan to “monitor” news reporting with goons in the press room, making sure the nooze came out to President *Batteries Not Included’s liking.

Dictatorship 101

This project only crashed and burned because word of it leaked out before they were ready, the public was outraged, and they had to drop it.

Tell ya what, though… If Democrats are able to cheat their way to victory next month, betcha anything the “news monitors” are brought back.

Although why they need goons to browbeat such subservient, toadying, grovelling, butt-kissing noozies as ours… is a mystery.

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  1. Harvard’s Dr. Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, wrote a book “Tragedy & Hope” revealing the plot of the super rich to form a global economic network with them calling the shots. The hope was a one-world man-made utopia, and the tragedy was that some people would not welcome it.

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