By Request, ‘My Light and My Salvation’

I never heard this hymn before, but this is what I got when I tried to fill Elder Mike’s request for My Light and My Salvation. Lloyd Larson wrote the music and the lyrics, inspired by Psalm 27. Probably not the melody Mike wanted, but a nice hymn nonetheless.

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  1. Yes, it is not what I was thinking. But, again, yes, nice hymn nevertheless. It is good to listen to new hymns that glorify the Lord. Thank you for your effort and time.

    I don’t remember where I found this, who wrote it, or when, but here are the lyrics for the hymn I had in mind and the tune to sing it with.

    My Light and My Salvation
    (Sung to tune of The Church’s One Foundation)

    1. My light and my salvation,
    O Lord, whom shall I fear?
    You are my life’s great stronghold
    When evil men come near.
    Though enemies attack me,
    My heart will never fear.
    Though war break out against me,
    I’m confident you’re near.

    2. One thing I ask and seek,
    Lord: to dwell with you always,
    To gaze upon your beauty
    And seek you all my days.
    For in the day of trouble,
    You’ll hide me, keep me safe.
    My head will be exalted;
    I’ll sing and shout your praise.

    3. Hear now my voice and answer;
    Be merciful I pray.
    Your face, Lord, I seek daily;
    Do not turn me away.
    For you have been my helper;
    Do not reject me, God.
    Though family may forsake me,
    I know that you will not.

    4. Teach me your way, my Savior;
    In straight paths may I walk.
    Don’t let my foes oppress me
    With false and vicious talk.
    Of this I still am certain:
    I’ll see God’s goodness yet.
    Wait for the Lord Jehovah;
    Be strong, take heart, and wait.

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