Coming Soon: ‘Behold!’


Oh! Just in time for Christmas! Behold!–Book No. 14 in my Bell Mountain series.

I should have a contest. Can you identify the little old lady on the cover? If you’re a real Bell Mountain fan, with strong intuitions, you just might be able to do it. Identify the lady and win a pack of plastic army men. (You can’t win the book because they haven’t printed it yet. But that shouldn’t take too long.)

That leaves No. 15, The Ocean of Time, for next Christmas. And meanwhile I’m working hard on Ozias, Prince in Peril… which will break from the story line and carry us back 2,000 years to King Ozias’ time. I pray we’ll all be still here to enjoy it.

Well, the sun is out this morning, so I should be out, too, scrawling away–25 chapters written so far. Will I finish before cold weather shuts me down?

Not entirely up to me, is it?