Workin’ in the Cold!

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It’s sunny out today, but with a cold wind: I froze my onions off, working outside to write the latest chapter of Ozias, Prince in Peril. Still a boy, Ozias will have to grow up fast, what with the villains combing Lintum Forest for him, looking to take him out. I don’t know if I’ll have enough good weather to finish the book this year, but I promise you I’ll try as hard as I can.

I think the book is going very well. The story keeps surprising me. I know I don’t have to secure Ozias’ throne until the next book, but I don’t know how old he’ll be by the time that happens. I just count on the Lord to give me the story… which He already knows.

10 comments on “Workin’ in the Cold!

  1. It has turned suddenly from extra warm to shivery cold, and with a lot of smoke in the air.
    Not a good day to be outside.

  2. You folks need to move here to the Philippines, it never gets cold. However, at times we have no water, other times the power will go out one to four times a day. And you never know how long it will be out each time.

  3. Hot, there is a lot of that here, along with very high humidity. Sometimes I can be just sitting down, just relaxing, and I sweat. At times when doing a bit of hard labor, cutting up branches, chopping up coconuts, etc. My clothes become so wet with sweat, I can literally wring them out, and drops of sweat drip onto the ground.

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