New Book, an Answered Prayer

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I asked the Lord to give me a title for my new book about the life of King Ozias–and He gave me three titles for three books! 1. Ozias, Prince in Peril 2. Ozias, Prince Enthroned 3. Ozias,King Betrayed. Wow!

In the first book, Ozias is a boy in Lintum Forest, hunted by usurpers who want to kill him and his mother, Queen Parella. In the second, an older Ozias recovers the throne that is rightfully his and writes the Sacred Songs. In the third, his enemies drive him from his throne: but God does not abandon him.

So it’s going to be a trilogy, and I can’t wait to start typing it up. The Lord has given me a whole raft of ideas for it. Hallelujah!

I would do a cartwheel, but I’m afraid my pants might split.

First Chapter Set: Done!

King's Armor Deal

King Flosi I, “the Hammer”

I don’t have a title for it yet, but I’ve finished seven chapters of my new book on the life of King Ozias and I’ve got to type them up and send them to Susan for editing.

I think it’s going well. Main characters have come onstage on cue and already established themselves. Ozias is only eight years old, but desperate adventures await him.

Again, I have asked the Lord to give me the story as He wants me to tell it. I’m sure it will surprise me.

Writing a Novel Is Fun!

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Waterly must be something like this.

I can’t contain myself: the first 34 pages of my new book strike me as just fine. I don’t have a title for it yet. I had The Red Queen in mind, but Patty said that that would just make people think “Alice in Wonderland.” So that’s a no-go. I hope I come up with something before Prince Ozias grows a beard.

I love the way new characters come out of who-knows-where and settle into the story as if they’d been waiting for it all along. My wife loves King Flosi II and Queen Parella, Ozias’ father and mother. And Lady Gwenlann, who’s in charge of all the spies but known to most people as just a rather scatterbrained wardrobe mistress. And Ozias himself, of course. He’s only ten years old so far.

Today I wrote mostly about Waterly, the queen’s lodge in Lintum Forest and Ozias’ favorite place. I think I’d like to spend a few weeks there.

What can I say? I’m falling in love with the book. I pray every day that the Lord will guide me in writing it and make my work fruitful in His service.

(P.S.–Where the dickens did my picture go? I’m not seeing it at my end.)

My Next Book

Battles in the Wars of the Roses |

I’m boning up on the Wars of the Roses because I really want to write the life of King Ozias, King Ryons’ ancestor, the last anointed king of Obann. Ozias, who wrote many of the Sacred Songs and was spiritually sustained by them, was born into a turbulent and dangerous time.

His father, the gentle and easygoing King Flosi II, lost his throne to treason. His mother, Queen Parella, escaped to Lintum Forest with her child, the crown prince. For most of his boyhood Ozias learned the ways of the forest and how to survive there. The usurpers in Obann City sought again and again to murder him, and he and his mother had many narrow escapes.

Quite a few readers have noted the resemblances between Ozias and David. It has always been my intention that they should. Both kings put their trust in God. And attentive readers know it was Ozias, in obedience to the words of a prophet, Batha the Seer, who erected God’s Bell on the summit of Bell Mountain.

Anyway, there’s a lot to this story and when the weather decides to cooperate, I look forward to telling it.

Even if it takes more than one book.

One Climax Down, One to Go


The eye doctor dilated me six ways from Sunday this morning and I can’t see well, and a cold wind is blowing–but I’ve just come in from hammering out one of the twin climaxes of The Witch Box.

With the other one still to be written. The sun is not quite ready to set on this book.

I dare not let drop any spoilers here. Suffice it to say that this is a challenge to me as a writer–the most ambitious thing I’ve tried in any of my Bell Mountain books. I have no way of knowing whether I’ve succeeded. That’ll be up to the readers.

I hope I can finish the other climax next week, weather permitting. Then I’ll have to go back and fill in the hole that I left in the story when I decided to jump ahead to the pre-climaxes. It’s been a long time since I had to work this hard on a book.

In the meantime, I hope some of you get hold of Book No. 13, The Wind from Heaven, and let me know what you think of it. And next year, No. 14, Behold!, will be published.

After that, I’m seriously thinking of going back two thousand years to tell the tale of King Ozias, Obann’s last anointed king. He’s the one who set up the bell on Bell Mountain and thus may be held responsible for the 15 books that followed.