‘Four Outrageous Fantasies’ (2011)

The Magic castle. Painting by Andrzej Szczerski - Fine Art America

I write fantasy novels. Everything that’s in them, I made up.

Then there are the fantasies that our politicians make up.

Four Outrageous Fantasies

Yes, their little minds are always cooking up more devilment. I guess the latest one is SloJo’s claim that everybody in America except the jidrools who follow him is a semifascist hater white supremacist threat to democracy.

What are your favorite fantasies disguised as rational discourse about government?

3 comments on “‘Four Outrageous Fantasies’ (2011)

  1. If you read the book of Judges, it is a repeating series of corruption, and correction. It was almost as if some of these people were staying up at night to dream up new ways to try to circumvent God’s laws. Of course, it never when anywhere good. If you look at the four comma on fallacies in the original post, the common thread of at least the first three reduces to placing responsibility upon others, instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. The fourth one, separation of church and state, is a self-imposed limitation, based upon something that doesn’t exist in the constitution, which could also be thought of as a way of avoiding responsibility. This never ends well.

  2. When you think about it, very few of the huge volume of “laws” that have evolved since the establishment of the founding documents has turned out well. The further we are drawn from God’s instructions, the worse it gets. The only comfort is in knowing He will put a limit on all this when HE returns.

  3. “the huge volume of “laws” that have evolved”… I have the January 2001 “Complete Internal Revenue Code,” which is 9,502 pages.

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