They Want to Make Monkey Pox More Lethal

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“Science” at work!

The Daily Mail has broken a story about a government lab in Maryland where, uh, “scientists” have been working to make monkey pox more lethal ( “the goal is to swap genes” to turn monkey pox into a killer.

We all saw how disappointed Democrats were in monkey pox as the successor to COVID-19, that would let them lock us all down again and force another vote-by-mail election. So it’s back to the ol’ drawing board to see if they can turn monkey pox into a killer–a disease no one even heard of until “scientists” started their quest for the next pandemic.

You’d think it’d be illegal to do that kind of research here; but the “scientists” have found several loopholes that have saved them a trip to China.

Think SloJo’s regime will put a stop to this?

5 comments on “They Want to Make Monkey Pox More Lethal

  1. A lab in Boston has already been caught trying to make covid more lethal. They succeeded in killing 80% of the mice they tested it on before they were caught. (Only a few mice in the test sample, but still….) The Great Resetters are definitely trying to find a way to kill us off.

    1. “They” also denied the original wuflu came from a lab in Wuhan, but they were lying about that, too.

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