‘By Popular Demand: America Is Not a Democracy’ (2019)

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It was never for “democracy.” You could look it up.

How sick are you of noozies and other Democrat gasbags babbling out “saving our democracy”? How many of you remember Democrats disputing every election that they didn’t win? Now it’s only us deplorables that do that–right?

By Popular Demand: America Is Not a ‘Democracy’

Our country’s founders worked hard to avoid setting up a “democracy,” because they knew from history that it was inherently unstable and unjust. They made it the law of the land–Article IV, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution–to guarantee every state of the union a republican form of government: not a “democracy.”

And we might also ask, “How come it’s not election denial, insurrection, boo-hiss, when they do it?

Wait’ll you see the tantrum when they lose the midterms.

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