Another Totally Clueless Lib

Why Are Gas Prices so High? | UC Davis Magazine

What planet do these people come from?

Reuters “journalist” Patricia Zengerle says, “I don’t get this obsession with high gas prices” (

Uh-huh. And New York Gov. Kathy Hochul can’t imagine why anyone cares about violent crime in New York City’s subways. What the heck, it’s only some stabbings.

We don’t all get stabbed in the subway, but we are all affected by the price of gasoline–which is through the ceiling only because the flaming idiots in the Biden administration, on purpose, cut off our supply. Yowsah! Close that pipeline! We can buy all the oil we’ll ever need from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela! And besides, all you plebs out there should be walking or bicycling. Or buying an electric car.

Maybe Ms. Zengerle is just profoundly stupid. You don’t have to have a brain to be a “journalist”–not anymore you don’t.

Does she know any normal people? I’m guessing no.

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  1. Maybe, she just doesn’t realize, that higher fuel prices mean a higher cost for everything else. It must be as you stated: “Maybe Ms. Zengerle is just profoundly stupid.”

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