‘No Bottom at 60 Fathoms, Captain!’


You keep thinking they’ve finally hit bottom, Far Left Crazy just can’t get any worse than this–and then they do.

Unimportant actress Anne Hathaway appeared on Far Left TV show The View recently to say… “Abortion can be another word for mercy” (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2022/11/01/anne-hathaway-abortion-can-be-another-word-for-mercy/). Betcha anything you never thought of that!

See, she explained, this here “is not a moral conversation about abortion.” By all means strip it from the moral element. “This is a practical conversation about women’s rights.” No baby has anything to do with it. This is not about you, Junior! It’s about me, me, me!

Mercy, is it? Not for the baby. Oh, sorry–I forgot the baby has–what’s that phrase they always use on the Supreme Court when they want to duck an issue?–oh, right!–the baby has “no standing.”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

3 comments on “‘No Bottom at 60 Fathoms, Captain!’

  1. Interesting. So … if someone robs a bank, and leaves a trail of mayhem behind them, they can claim that it was an act of mercy? If someone clobbers a person they find annoying with a baseball bat, is that mercy? If you control the definition of words, you can do anything.

  2. They always forget, there are two persons that enter the abortion death camp, the mother and her baby, and both have the right to life.

  3. Sorry, I wanted to note another observation. None of the Far Left Crazies on the panel were wearing masks. But it looked like all those in the audience were. I guess the air around those on the panel must have been pure and uncontaminated.

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