‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

No hymn requests have come in yet today, so here’s one of my favorites, an ancient Scottish hymn–Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill.

The hymn shop’s open, boys ‘n ‘ girls. Come in and share your favorite hymns.

6 comments on “‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’

    1. Thank you, Mr. Lee Duigon.
      I don’t know if you already know, but unfortunately something very terrible happened here in Brazil: ex-convict Lula was elected president (by fraud, of course) and communism has already begun. Please, I ask you to pray for us, we are so sad. Thousands of truck drivers are blocking roads in protest against this election. We know that our current president was re-elected, but they hid it. We hope the truth comes out. Oh, please remember us in your prayers, immense is our sadness.

    2. Katheleen, I’ve been praying for your country these last two days. They’ve done to Brazil what they did to my country in 2020–stole it out from under us. And here in America, people and institutions that ought to have protected us from this… didn’t.

      I’ve been thinking and thinking of what I can say to you; but my country is in the same boat, and I hardly know what to say about that, either. Except that the crime is so enormous, so terrible, that its very scope thwarts all efforts to amend it.

      I pray Brazil finds a way out of this. Then maybe we Americans will, too.

      May the righteous God deliver us.

    3. It’s true, sir. Only God can save us from this tyranny, may He have mercy on us.

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