New Democrat Campaign Tactic: They Bite

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Maybe she Identifies As a dog.

At a rally for Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon, a Democrat protester and… “teacher”!… bit a GOP committeewoman (

Well, that’ll learn ’em!

The biter “teaches” in the Dearborn public schools. A witness said the chomping “teacher” “seemed proud” of what she’d done.

This opens up a whole new vista of Democrat campaign rhetoric: if anyone’s not buying what you’re selling… bite ’em!

Meanwhile, Democrats all over the country are warning of “violence” and loss of “our democracy” if Republicans win. Can you say “projection”?

And that’s all the nooze I can stand to report today, folks. Next time you go to a rally, watch out for unionized public school teachers. They bite.

(I can’t help thinking of Anthony Boucher’s classic horror story, They Bite.)

4 comments on “New Democrat Campaign Tactic: They Bite

    1. That doesn’t surprise me. A coworker was taking some college courses a few years ago, and many of his instructors struck me as being misanthropes, after he described their classroom behavior.

    2. A friend of mine who somehow wound up on the hiring committee for his state’s community college system–where he was a minority of one–told me that the committee always tried to hire the most seriously disturbed candidate.

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