Amazing Video: Hippo Chases 3 Lions

You’d think three lions would be pretty safe together–who would dare attack them?

One angry hippopotamus, that’s who.

The lions wished to swim across a stream. The hippo didn’t like it. One strongly suspects the lions were lucky to get out of there alive.

We don’t have these problems in New Jersey.

3 comments on “Amazing Video: Hippo Chases 3 Lions

  1. Chickens, come on, there are three of you, you can take him…

    Even huge crocodiles don’t mess with hippos.

  2. Yikes!
    Sorry I haven’t been around today. Slept most of the day, except for when a couple of friends took me out grocery shopping and for lunch. I’m still without a car, and apparently my ailment of this week, exacerbated by stress and too much physical exertion, is a bug that’s going around. My friends who took me out today have had it, and so have their kids and grandkids. Remember when everyone thought it was normal for change-of-season bugs – or any other kinds of illnesses – to go around and people helped each other instead of ostracizing each other?

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