Kerry: ‘Create Demand’ for Stuff the Plebs Don’t Want

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Wind-surfing his way into your wallet

While we’re waiting (and waiting and waiting…) to find out how last week’s election turned out, and how much of our country the Democrats stole this time, a former presidential candidate, Odious John Kerry, has been huddling with his globalist pals to find more ways to stick it to normal people.

His idea, which he let slip out the other day, is to “create demand signals in the market where they don’t exist” (

That is to say, manipulate people into thinking they want such goodies as electric cars costing more than your house, fake meat grown in labs, biscuits and cookies made from powdered crickets, etc., etc.

We are governed by people who despise us and hate us, and John Kerry’s one of them.

4 comments on “Kerry: ‘Create Demand’ for Stuff the Plebs Don’t Want

  1. Funny, it used to be that the left railed against the kind of Madison Avenue marketing that tried to create a false demand for corporate products. But that was in pre-Corporatist (aka Fascist) America.

  2. The 2022 Midterms were stolen the same way the 2020 elections were stolen – why is there not an outcry about this? Have patriots thrown in the towel? FYI: crickets are kosher in the Old Testament dietary laws – I hear they are crunchy 🙂

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