Dog Makes Like a Trampoline

I don’t suppose it’d be so bad if goats didn’t have hooves… But the sleeping dog who gets jumped on by these baby goats doesn’t seem to mind. I’ve never had a baby goat jump onto me. Maybe it doesn’t hurt.

One comment on “Dog Makes Like a Trampoline”

  1. Young goats are a lot of fun to watch, and to interact with. Just a few hours ago, I stopped during my bike ride to visit with the goats down the street. There’s a mother goat, her daughter, who is 9 months old, and another, somewhat smaller goat. I rescued the daughter goat a few months ago, when she had her horns caught in the fence, so she sees me as an ally. When I ride past, they will see me, come up to the fence, and I will pluck some fresh grass and give them a little treat. Knowing that they’ve roped me in, they now make sure that I don’t ride by without visiting. They are a lot of fun to watch.

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