‘Progressivism Made Simple’ (2013)

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Actually, nothing has changed since I first posted this nine years ago… except the Far Left Crazy has more in your face than ever. But what makes these people tick?

Progressivism Made Simple

Yes, this is the Evil Is Good and Good Is Evil crowd, and they’ve got our country backed into a corner. Gettin’ kinda hard for us to believe in the integrity of our elections–eh, Maricopa County?

But it’s the schools and the movies and the TV and Big Tech and Big Sodomy and all the warped “science” that have all joined forces against us. It’ll be a miracle if America survives its “education” system.

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  1. If you want to know the REAL reason behind all this, the reason everyone who is adult is groaning over the way our once great nation has turned out, and is still turning, there is one book that is essential to read ASAP. It is The Return of the gods, by a very gifted writer named Jonathan Cahn. It explains, down to the nitty gritty what has and is continuing to happen. I just finished it this morning and it clarifies some things. It is not a real surprise, but it does add to our knowledge.

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