‘You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either’ (2018)

Image result for images of dog pooping on airport concourse

For a while there it looked like taking a dump in public was going to be the next big fad. But the reporting of such incidents died away–they took it for granted that this was going to be the norm in Democrat cities–leaving a lot of unresolved nooze stories in its wake.

Like this one.

You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either

Remember the school principal who used to defecate each morning on another school’s athletic field? Or the phantom pooper, most likely a jogger, who left mementos of her passing all around the neighborhood. And they weren’t the only ones. But the story just… went away. As nooze stories often do.

3 comments on “‘You’re Not Safe at the Airport, Either’ (2018)

  1. What a perfect visual commentary on our slovenly culture. And what an even stronger commentary on our culture when people can defecate, fornicate, and solicit for sex in public but must keep their religion hidden away in the privacy of their own homes. (Even the churches are about to be targets now that the Disrespect for Marriage Act has passed.)

    1. I pray: O Lord! Remember, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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