Canada: No More Brownies! (It’s Racist)

So cute, I used to wear this uniform when I was a brownie | Girl scout  uniform, Vintage kids clothes, Girl scouts history

The age we live in is an endless sitcom written by idiots and starring psychotics.

F’rinstance, dig this:

That’s right: Canada says girls can’t be Brownies anymore. Gotta be Girl Guides. (Question: whom are they guiding… to where?)

Gee, why not? Well, heck, say The Authorites, the name “Brownies” has “caused them harm.” Don’t ask “how?” That would require some degree of rationality.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! What about “racialized girls” in Canada? Huh? What about the critical need for “more inclusive spaces”?

The only thing these jidrools need is a damn good psychiatrist.

Is there any country left on earth that’s not governed by imbeciles and villains?

[Note: What are they going to do when Far Left head-cases declare “girls” a forbidden word? That won’t be long in happening.]

5 comments on “Canada: No More Brownies! (It’s Racist)

  1. I read the linked article, but I don’t get it. Is it white girls that don’t feel included? Anyway, “Brownie” Girl Scouts (commonly “Guides” outside the US) were named for fairies in Scottish folklore, having nothing to do with race. When I was a Brownie in California in the 1960s, and later 2 of my daughters in Michigan in the 90s, our troops were happy and well-integrated (white, black, and brown), and we didn’t think about race.

    1. Maybe not afflict us believers directly but afflict the rest who don’t know Him and don’t consider God important and relevant for society

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