Is White the New Black?

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My mother, if she were here, would advise me not to write this, I’ll get in trouble (although I strongly suspect that she might write it herself). Well, I don’t want any trouble–but someone has to say this.

We read last night about “the fermentation industry”–winemakers and breweries, I’m guessing–having… “a whiteness problem.” Too many white folks! Don’t we know that’s bad? Don’t we know that’s a “problem”?

It must be mentioned that the vast majority of this race-hustling comes from white liberals, with a scattering of black academics for the window display. But it doesn’t matter who it comes from: it’s damaging our country.

Is it allowed to talk about a “black problem”? No! Of course not! We have “a white problem.” Well, if there’s a problem, what’s the solution to the problem?

(Don’t go there.)

This race rhetoric is coming 99% from the Democrat Party. Now that they’ve learned how to steal elections, they can bash the country with impunity. Nothing pleases them more than to have major groups of citizens at each other’s throats. They work tirelessly, every day, to bring that about. “Divide and rule” is their religion.

It really is a sickening thing to hear.

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